In common with all other manufacturers, all of frontline's products are manufactured from high quality mild steel, if this is left untreated it will be prone to rust.Your product can be finished to your own specification from basic bare metal to hot dip galvanised and powder coated.

If you decide to have your product galvanised it becomes completely rust free and if you add a powder coated finish it becomes relatively maintenance free.

Galvanising (Hot dip)
Provides a complete rust free finish for your metal products, a thick metalic zinc envelope completely covers the steel surface and seals it from the atmosphere, it gives a very tough and durable coating and can be left either self colour or can be painted

Powder coating
Powder coating is an advanced way of spray painting, the powder is gently sprayed onto the metal surface and is charged with static electricity, the charge attracts the powder paint to the metal and is then fed through an oven where it bakes at high temperature, this melts the powder into a very durable finish of your choice.

Powder coated black gloss is the usual standard finish but many other colours are availiable on request and any existing gates or railings can be colour matched accordingly.

Red oxide and Zinc phospate primers
These two applications are wet sprayed onto the bare metal surface and once top coated with a gloss paint gives a very good finish and is very resitance to rust.

Below are various options for your product:

Bare metal
Undercoat red oxide sprayed
Undercoat zinc sprayed.
Powder coated.
Wet sprayed top coat
Or combinations of the above.